Castiglione d' Orcia

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Siena Italy

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A stay in Orcia Valley can reserve to the guests different surprises and healthy benefits. As soon you arrive in this fantastic valley of Tuscany, where the name of the river passing across reminds you the shell shape of the valley, tour eye is immediately captured by the beautiful sienese hills, where the gentle views are interrupted by the harsh crete senesi (sienese clays).The mountain Amiata closes and dominates the all valley with its huge profile. In this incredible scenery, right in the middle of the Natural Cultural and Artistic Orcia Valley Park (created by the five municipalities of the area), is located, in a modern building at the top of an hill, the S. Ansano farm holiday. The house was built in the middle of the nineteenth century, when the local authority (Ente Maremma) decided to develop the uncultivated lands of the valley, giving them to some families that were ready to live and to work in the valley.


S. Ansano farm in the beginning was specialised in cereals production, but today has been transformed by the two owners Dino and Rosanna into a lovely farm holiday.The old farm house, completely restored, is composed of 3 apartments where can stay between 2 to 6 people.The names of the apartments (La Mostella, il Giogo and il Crivello) remind the local farm tradition; all the apartments have Tuscan furniture and every kind of comforts (heating, satellite TV). Dino and Rosanna offer you the possibility to walk or visit by bicycle all the footpaths (clearly indicated) in their property and reach, finally, the local lake and the Orcia river where it�s very nice have a picnic.The farm holiday has also a swimming pool with comfortable deck-chairs, umbrellas, showers, solarium and a garden where the children can play with a bar billiards and a ping-pong.How you can see, it�s always an enjoyable stay in S. Ansano farm holiday.


53023 Gallina - Castiglione d' Orcia

Siena Italy

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Abit. 0578/748477

Cell. 338/2867369

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