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Aber auch die Altstadt von Chianciano selbst lohnt einen Besuch. Die Stadt war bereits bei den Etruskern für ihre heute noch hoch geschätzten Thermalquellen bekannt, deren Wasser heilsame Wirkung für Leber und Nieren aufweist.

Ein kostenloser Shuttle-Service bringt Sie zu den berühmten „Terme Sensoriali“ (Thermen der Sinne) sowie den jüngst neu eröffneten Thermalbädern „Theia“, beide nur wenigen Minuten vom Hotel entfernt. Gerne informieren wir Sie an der Rezeption über Sonderangebote und Spezialpakete für ein oder mehrere Tage in den Thermen und kümmern uns um deren Organisation.


Chianciano Terme opens new thermal pools Theia "Bath of the Etruscans' name evokes the historical roots of the place named by the Etruscans Sillene. It is derived from the Titaness of light, Theia, "she who shines far away," the mother of Selene in Etruscan mythology. The swimming pools are indoors and outdoors and can be used by young families and for anyone who wants to combine traditional treatments with thermal water spa, all in a natural setting of great beauty. The swimming pools are fed by Theia are Sillene spring that flows from the depth of 120 meters. The temperature of the pools is between 34 and 37 degrees. Theia pools are open from 10.00 to 20.00. The new spa includes 4 indoor and 3 outdoor swimming pools, all connected to each other and about a meter and a half deep. In total the surface of the tanks is about 600 square meters. All tanks are equipped with fountains, whirlpools with sunbeds, "swan-neck" for the water jets cervical, chairs, barrels and a "sink", an evocative game of thermal water. The ground pools and green outdoor areas are furnished with deckchairs, umbrellas, tables and chairs and is functional in a bar that also offers catering.


Terme Sensoriali are a thermal temple integrating modern architectural languages, wellness expertise and traditional natural and ayurvedic medicine in a single structure surrounded by the green of the Parco Acqua Santa in Terme di Chianciano. The 1300 square meters of Terme Sensoriali embrace different experiences articulated in specific itineraries according to individual necessities. The idea upon which Terme Sensoriali are based stems from the synergy between different experiences and skills and combines bio-building, the research for architectural environments in harmony with its inhabitants and the expertise of naturopaths and professionals of Ayurvedic medicine. From here derives the idea of dividing the structure according to the 5 elements which in the Ayurvedic tradition, or science of life, are at the origin of the universe and human kind and which correspond to our senses. Therefore, in the conceptual design of the Terme, treatments and “traditional” thermal practices such as baths, mud and mineral water treatments merge with the principles of Oriental philosophy and follow the holistic vision of individual well-being according to which the many and pleasant sensorial experiences are interpreted as an energetic rebalancing of the chakra. Energy disequilibrium is at the origin of many ailments and pathologies: the recovery of this equilibrium and therefore of well-being is achieved through the stimulation of the five elements and five senses and specific treatments.


Terme Sensoriali

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