Cetona shows the characteristic medieval concentric layout, built around the peak of a hill, it is siCetona Tuscany Italytuated on the slopes of the homonymous mount. It already belonged to the territory of Chiusi, and in 1703 it was annexed, together with Savana, to Aldobrandeschi�s County, founded by Gregorio VII ( Ildebrando of Savana ). In the beginning of thirteenth century Ildebrando Aldobrandeschi subjected Cetona to Orvieto�s rule, that continued till the half of fourteenth century, when the centre was annexed to Perugia�s territory. In 1418 it was definitevly annexed to Sienese Republic. In 1556 the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo I gave it, with the title of Marquisate, to Chiappino  Vitelli, which settled into the medieval Fortress, built a lengthened  rectangular square (today Garibaldi Square ), placed there to create a spectacular entrance to the ancient fortified village. In its territory there is Camporsevoli, a castle contested by Orvieto and by the Viscounts of Campiglia, passed in 1432 to the Piccolomini and afterwards to Sienese Republic. On the outskirts of Camporsevoli there is the village of Piazze, built in the last two centuries.

Mount Cetona�s prehistory museum: The museum documents the phases of human peopling since the middle Paleolith till the Bronze Age. Most of the finds come from the area of Belverde. The exhibition of the archaeological material is characterized by a detailed description of the finds, through display panels, removable cards, dioramas and plastic models.

Mount Cetona Archaeological - Naturalistic Park: In the territory of Belverde there are the main prehistoric settlements. Some of the caves which open  on the travertine, can be visited: San Francesco�s Cave ( La grotta di San Francesco ), Walnut and hillock�s cave ( L�antro Della noce e del Poggetto ), Roe�s Shelter ( Il riparo del capriolo ). The caves, encircled by a luxuriant vegetation, are near the suggestive Franciscan Monastery of Santa Maria of Belverde, built in the fourteenth century.

The church, characterized by a particular structure composed by three superimposed halls, keeps fourteenth and fifteenth centuries frescos of Sienese School and some works by the painter from Orvieto Cola Petruccioli ( half of the fourteenth century ).


Tourist office: 

Phone Number: 0578/239143

Mount Cetona prehistory Museum:: 

Phone Number: 0578/238004

Opening: 1st June /30th September 

 9 a.m./1 p.m. -   5 p.m. / 7 p.m.


Opening: 1st October/31st May 

9.30 a.m. / 12.30 p.m.

Closed in the afternoon


Mount Cetona Archaeological Naturalistic Park:

Opening: 1st July/30th September-

 9.30 a.m./12.30  p.m.  4 p.m. / 7.30 p.m.













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